Friday, 7 August 2015

American Citizens Are Tortured Daily In U.S. Prisons...

I know. I was one of the many victims. I have posted my story many times and many times the links are deleted or corrupted.  This is a story you are not supposed to know. But I will never stop telling my story so long as some one cares to know the truth...

Six years ago Jimmy Carter made a profound statement... "America is no longer a democracy".  Believes it my friends. Our country was hijacked during the Reagan era by the banksters. The 1%  and their shadow government will never give up their throne. We must take back America by any means necessary, or forever remain their economic slaves. The choice is yours.  How much do you love your children?

If you want a copy of my sworn statement of torture and murders I witnessed in U.S. prisons, send an email to me at Ralph Steele and Udhisti Diciarean did NOT commit suicide. I met 47 whistle blowers of government crimes in solitary confinement units. They were not jailed for what they did, but rather for what they knew. (i.e. All the "patriots" recruited by Oliver North and Felix Rodriguez for the Iran-Contra operation, former federal agents, clean cops, government informants, and innocent Americans who just happened to be a witness to corruption by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their lives and family forever ruined or scarred.

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